No matter where you are on your health journey, it can be hard to remember all of the AWESOME things that your body is capable of. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition. Going to the rheumatologist multiple times a month taught me to think of my body as “broken”, “weak”, and “sickly”. I spoke to it in hateful ways, and I treated it even worse. I know how difficult it can be to love a body that “doesn’t do what it is supposed to do”; a body that doesn’t look the way we think it should; a body that is in constant pain. I can tell you from years of excruciating experience: until I learned how to truly love my body, it acted as if it were broken, weak & sickly.

As a client at Imperium Health Center, I began to learn about what my body was truly capable of. I learned about the nervous system and how it controls everything! For the first time in my life, I began practicing gratitude for my amazing body. Practicing gratitude made it easier to respect and honor my body with healthy choices. I am finally motivated to commit to my health goals not because I want to change my body, but because I want to show it love.

As this month is all about Love, we wanted to help you with the “why” and the “how” to love your body – exactly how it is – right now. We challenge you to sit a few moments with each of these reasons and allow yourself to experience gratitude for the miracle that is your body.

1. Breath

Your body inhales and exhales an average of 17,000 times per day without you ever having to think about it! Your breath feeds oxygen through your lungs which not only keeps you alive, but also helps to regulate your emotions and the amount of strength/power available to you in stressful situations!

“Thank you, body, for my life-giving breath.”

2. Resiliency

Your body is amazing at responding to the environment! Without you having to do anything, your body regulates your internal temperature whether it is over 100 outside or below freezing! Your immune system learns & adapts, increasing its efficiency and its ability to fight threats to your system. Your body can tolerate a significant amount of toxins and poisons that you are exposed to (and that you expose your body to) on a regular basis.

“Thank you, body, for adapting to and fighting off toxins and poisons every day!”

3. Regenerative Abilities

Fun Fact- Your body’s skeleton completely regenerates itself about every 10 years. This means that you do not have any of the same bones you had in 2013! Your skin (your body’s largest organ) constantly replaces itself. Your bones, your tissues and your organs all have incredible regenerative abilities. If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s office and remember hearing, “…now we just need to give your body time to heal,” THIS is what they were talking about!

“Thank you, body, for constantly healing yourself!”

4. Heuristics & Neuroplasticity

Whether you know it or not, you make over a million decisions every day! Think about it- just in the act of brushing your teeth in the morning, you need to get up, walk to the bathroom, pick up your toothpaste, open the tube, pick up your toothbrush, squeeze the paste onto the brush… you get it. The human brain has an amazing way of dealing with all of these decisions so that we do not get overwhelmed. Heuristics are the “well-worn paths” in our brains that allow us do many things that have become habit without having to consciously make each decision! On the other hand, neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to create new pathways (at first through conscious effort) makes it so the habits you developed in your college years do not have to be the habits you have when you become a parent!

“Thank you, body, for allowing me to make all the decisions necessary in daily life AND for your flexibility when I commit to making different choices”

5. Innate Intelligence

Every ‘living thing’ has an inborn intelligence within its body called Innate Intelligence. For your body to regulate your internal temperature (no matter the temperature outside), or for you to break down food into energy, there is an infinite wisdom that is always present guiding and running this beautiful, mapped out, architectural plan for every living organism. As a result, each and every body of a living thing contains this inborn, innate intelligence that is always present and can always function at 100%, it just needs no interference to maintain those processes such as healing and repair.

“Thank you, body, for doing everything you have done to keep me alive and functioning. From now on, I commit to do my best to help you, help me.”

Love Your Body

By focusing on what your body can do and having gratitude for its AWEsomeness, it becomes easier to respect, honor, and dare I say… LOVE your body. When we love something or someone, we do the things that are in their best interest. We spend time thinking about it and caring for it. We prioritize the needs of those we love.

We understand that it can be difficult to follow through on your commitments to your health. There are a LOT of environmental influences that can lead us astray. When you refuse to believe that your body is broken and develop that unconditional love for your body: you have the power to Truly Take Charge of your Health! This month, we dare you to learn more about what your body is capable of, to practice gratitude for it and begin to develop unconditional love for your body <3. Contact us today to learn more about how Imperium Health Center can help you in your personal journey.