Fitness Bootcamp for a Healthier Life

What’s Holding You Back? Bootcamp to a Healthier Life

We all strive to live a healthier lifestyle. However, making commitments to work out at the gym can seem intimidating or overwhelming, especially for those of us just starting out. Our bootcamp exercise classes offer the perfect solution!

Specifically designed to keep you motivated, our health and fitness bootcamps include group exercise classes that offer a supportive, collaborative environment to help you stay on track and achieve your desired goals. We also offer bootcamp exercise programs for beginners, which are less intensive than our standard bootcamp workouts but still deliver incredible results.

90 Day Fitness Bootcamp

Littleton, Colorado

Imperium Health Center offers a 90-day bootcamping community that is dedicated to helping you reach your healthy body goals:

In every class, you are guaranteed to have an exceptional workout that improves cardiovascular function, increases strength and flexibility, and can help you lose weight.

The only requirements are your commitment to show up, determination to give it your all, and letting go of whatever keeps you from living life to its fullest potential.

We work out 3 times a week in our clinic gym, the surrounding park, and our parking lot. There are no special machines or weights required for our workouts.

Our bootcamp exercise class lasts 30 minutes and includes a warm-up, the main session, and a cool-down period. H.I.I.T (high-intensity interval training) is proven to be efficient and effective.

Bootcamp exercises for beginners are adjusted to your level of fitness and ability.

We accomplish goals as a team. Get ready for mud runs, 5k’s, and other team-building activities!

Our encouraging bootcamp advisors know exactly what to say to keep you stimulated and help you push for maximum gain.

Nothing is holding you back from achieving better fitness or a healthier body and lifestyle—except for yourself.

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