There are few things that can annoy us like a bad shoulder. From holding your hair brush, to picking up the kids, or the simple task of opening a door- shoulder pain can get in the way of our lives relentlessly.

Most people experience shoulder pain at some point or another. You can experience a locked up or frozen shoulder or even sharp pain and inflammation. Most of the time the only treatment is a painkiller such as aspirin or ibuprofen, maybe some ice. But what do you do to get relief when the issue just won’t quit?

Before you talk with your doctor about surgery, you should consider consulting with a chiropractor. Though chiropractic isn’t always the first remedy that comes to mind when thinking about shoulder pain, an adjustment or series of adjustments may be of more significant help than you realize.

Talk About Your Shoulder Pain

A chiropractor will evaluate your pain and determine if there is an alignment issue. Manipulating the alignment of your shoulders can fix numbness, rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulders and bursitis over time and even give you relief after the first treatment.

If you have a limited range of motion and are experiencing pain and tightness, you may have adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. This frozen shoulder phenomenon is simply an inflammation of the tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, which in turn limits or ‘freezes’ your range of motion.

If you have had sudden weakness in the shoulder followed by pain and crackling, a Rotator cuff might be the culprit. Rotator cuff tendons surround and support the ball joint of the shoulder, so if you have a partial or complete tear, you may have suffered from an acute or overuse injury.

In addition to injuries, some of us might be dealing with instability or imbalances, such as young athletes. Others might be experiencing some arthritis and have stiffness pain and even swelling.

The good news is that chiropractic treatments can assist all of these ailments with proper adjustments and routine rehabilitation. Not only can a chiropractic treatment place the shoulder joint in a place that reduces muscular and tendon swelling, but treatments can also relieve nerve pain such as numbness and tingling or loss of feeling.

Chiropractic relief for shoulders can also lead to the discovery of other ailments such as spinal mal-alignment. Pinches in vertebrae or even mal-aligned ribs can cause a multitude of pain points that can cause anything from sciatica to headaches and migraines.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help relieve your shoulder pain.