Holistic Chiropractic Care Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistic Chiropractic Care?

We seek to find the cause of your health issues and that means we incorporate the mind, body and spirit into our care. We do not focus solely on a symptom. To take your whole person into account means to address those lifestyle habits throughout life and the impact they have had to affect your overall well being.

We do understand that pain can be motivating. And we will address your discomfort, but for us to truly get to the cause of that pain, it may not be one quick adjustment to band-aid the issue. We follow a process to ensure we have the most complete information and provide you with the knowledge to make educated decisions about your health. By creating a thorough, personalized, and holistic chiropractic care plan we hope to get to the root cause and empower you on your health journey.

Will Insurance Cover My Visits?

We are Medicare providers and we are out of network with all major insurance carriers. Each insurance provider is different and some insurances will have out of network benefits and/or discounts which may be applied to your care plan. Be prepared to cover your Initial Consultation, Exam, and X-rays (if necessary) at your first visit as many insurance providers require this but will not cover it. If there are any reimbursements that can be applied we will do so.

Please bring your insurance or Medicare card (and any supplemental insurance) with you on your first visit and we will gladly verify your insurance benefits for you. Most insurance companies do not provide full coverage or payment, we will always provide you with any out of pocket expenses before you begin a service so there are no surprises with costs or an unexpected bill.

We’ll prepare an individualized care plan for you, which will include an insurance benefits estimate, your out of pocket responsibility, and payment plan options. We aim to make your care affordable regardless of your insurance situation and many clients continue care long-term after the health improvements they achieve.

How Fast Should I Start Feeling Better?

Every “body” is not everybody. You are a unique individual and your response to care is personal. Some clients start having relief immediately and some take weeks or months to see changes. We are here to help you and to walk alongside you during the process. We build into our care evaluations to closely monitor your progress.

Of course we want you to feel better. Holistic chiropractic care and spinal correction is focused on ensuring your body and nervous system are communicating at an optimal level. This optimal communication is what allows for your body to heal and ultimately feel better, not just in the short term but for a lifetime.

Will Getting an Adjustment Hurt?

The chiropractic adjustments we provide are specific, gentle, and effective. Our doctors have a number of years of combined experience, numerous hours of training, and have provided over 30,000 safe adjustments for adults, children, and infants.

With adults, the most common sensation after an adjustment is some mild soreness; similar to the muscle soreness when you start an exercise program. Because everyone is individual there can be various responses and as your spine starts to shift there can be worse days before your body adapts.

We also provide a number of techniques to accommodate your overall comfort level, whether it be manual adjustments, instrument assisted, and drop table; all to ensure you have a pleasant experience and we achieve the results we both are looking for.

Is it True That Once I Start Getting Adjusted, I’ll Have to Keep Going Forever?

We do believe that life-time chiropractic care is absolutely beneficial and there is documented research showing the benefits of chiropractic care. We also believe that decision is yours to make and we do not believe in pressure or tactics to convince you. Our holistic chiropractic care is focused on being proactive not reactive. By maintaining the nervous system, an optimal spine position, positive lifestyle choices and addressing the cause of your issues, your body can heal and express itself to its fullest. Not just for a short period of time, but throughout your life.

We do have clients who seek care for a specific issue and find relief, and that is the end of their health journey with us. We congratulate them and most importantly know that we appreciate them for allowing us to be part of that journey. Although we say goodbye, we ensure these clients know our doors are always open to them. Our hope is that all of our clients, old and new, experience health in ways they have never seen before and it is our commitment and pleasure to serve as best as we can, in any way that we can.

Can I Get Adjusted On My First Visit?

Your first visit includes a short tour of our office, a comprehensive consultation and exam, and x-rays if necessary. This provides time for our team of doctors to review your case and x-rays to provide you with the most specific adjustment possible, with an adjustment scheduled for your second visit.

Will My Insurance Cover My First Visit?

You will be responsible for full fees at your first visit. Please bring your insurance card so we may verify your out of network or Medicare benefits. Once your doctor has determined a proper diagnosis, our team will contact your insurance company to determine benefits. Insurance coverage and all costs will be provided and discussed when reviewing your personalized care plan.

What Should I Wear to My Appointment?

For your initial consultation, we recommend that you wear something you’ll be comfortable in and allow for movement. If we recommend x-rays, we may provide you with a gown and/or shorts to wear. Work clothes are also acceptable. If you wear a skirt we do provide a cover up during your adjustment visits.

How Do I Find Your Clinic?

We are located in the Wells Fargo building on the west side of South Broadway, just north of Littleton Blvd, and South of Belleview Ave.

If Heading south on Broadway you can enter the parking lot just past the building or take a right on W Powers Ave and then a left into the parking lot. If heading north on Broadway take a Left at the light onto W Powers Ave and then another left into the parking lot.

Entrances are located on the west and south sides, with handicap parking also available on the south side. Enter the lobby and take the elevator down one level to the basement and we are the first suite to your right as you exit.

Can Children Get Adjusted?

Kids of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. Babies cannot come out and say my arm hurts or my stomach is in knots. Parents are the best at sensing when something is off and your intuition is usually spot on. So what do kids do who can’t communicate like an adult? They cry. Their diaper contents or lack thereof can tell a lot. And their body positions and movements can be indicators. Infants might be suffering from colic, reflux, or breastfeeding issues or toddlers who start walking without a crawl phase or have other movement issues. Headaches, asthma, constipation/diarrhea, and digestive problems and just a few of the conditions that children can experience relief from.

Chiropractic adjustments for kids are typically different than for adults, as their bodies and spines are obviously still developing. We utilize very gentle and effective techniques that focus on improving the function of the child nervous system. This is imperative for the development of all the systems of the body from the brain to the immune system and digestion, behavior, posture, sleep, and balance to name just a few.

I’ve Recently Had X-Rays Somewhere Else. Can I Use Them?

Absolutely. We do not want to expose you to any unnecessary radiation. Please bring a disc with your images or send an email at least 24 hours prior to your initial consultation. This allows our doctors to review the images and make any further recommendations for possible imaging.