We all know how important getting regular movement and exercise is for our health, so why don’t we all have a consistent exercise routine by now? If your experience is anything like mine, it can be extremely difficult to maintain motivation and keep your body moving on a regular basis. Here is what usually happens for me:

Whether it is December 31st, or a month before my next planned vacation to the beach, I set my goal. I get really excited about the healthy changes I am making and I get my butt to the gym at least 3 times a week.

After a few weeks, I start to feel pretty good! I begin seeing results and I get a confidence boost. Because I am feeling more energized and excited, I turn my focus towards other important things in my life such as friends, my relationship, my job etc. and I start committing to more and more things. I think skipping a day at the gym every once in a while is no big deal. I mean, balance is important too… right?

At this point, due to my increasingly busy schedule, I start “needing” to skip more days at the gym. I slowly begin to feel more and more exhausted. All I really want to do after meeting all of the commitments I have made to other people is veg out on my couch and watch a movie. I usually attribute the exhaustion I am feeling to “trying to do too much,” and I convince myself that taking care of myself means giving myself time to just relax. Before I know it, I am not going to the gym at all. My membership becomes an unnecessary expense, so I either cancel it or I keep it out of guilt.

And here is the thing: when I skipped that first day at the gym, I didn’t have to tell anyone. When I skipped that second day and the third day, no one called me asking where I’ve been. I wasn’t letting anyone else down and it was much easier to rationalize skipping a bit of time running indoors on a treadmill than it was to skip out on a friend, a family member, or a coworker.

Does this cycle sound familiar to you? I’ve fallen into this trap more than once, and have tried many different ways to avoid it. One of my favorite ways to make sure I stay committed to my health – even during the busiest times in my life – is finding a group of like-minded people to workout with. As it turns out: exercising in a group setting not only increases our chances of remaining consistent with our fitness goals, but it also helps to improve our mood, our sense of belonging, and decreases our stress levels!

My 4 favorite benefits of group fitness programs are:

1) Accountability– My workouts become consistently and inflexibly scheduled. I know that if I skip a workout session, my workout buddies are going to notice. They are going to ask me where I was and help to remind me how important it is to continue to show up for them and for myself.

2) Support- When things get tough and other priorities start fighting for my attention, I know I can count on my group mates to help me problem-solve, so that one missed work-out session doesn’t turn into two and then three. I am also there to support all of them. In that way, it feels more important for me to be there; to show up not only for myself but to also show up for them.

3) Motivation– Whether you are motivated by competition, having a cheer squad, being surrounded by others who are working toward a goal, or by being there for others, motivation is always more accessible in a group setting.

4) FUN– Doing hard things is always better when I have other people to do them with. When I am working out in a group, I laugh more, I smile more, I yip and hoot and grunt and groan more. I actually want to show up and have a good time with the group because we are doing this thing called “life” together.  I also tend to remember working out as being much more enjoyable when I get to do it with others, and my memory of an experience tends to play a big role in my future decisions!

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

 – Vince Lombardi

This is why, at Imperium Health Center, we offer the opportunity for you to participate in our group fitness program: Bootcamp. In each session of Bootcamp, we all agree to meet in the Vault three times per week to move our bodies & work toward our fitness goals together!

Bootcamp starts with a kick-off where we measure our starting points, set SMART goals, and make a commitment to support each other. Throughout the 11-week session, we are given strategies to help us meet our goals including a customized nutrition plan and access to classes such as recipe nights, shop with the doc, workshops and so much more! We build community by having FUN, by motivating one another, by keeping each other accountable, and through (mostly 😅) friendly competition.

At Bootcamp, you can expect to Sweat, to Burn, and to Get Results. More importantly, our bootcampers find a community- a family– who are prepared to do it all together!

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