Bootcamp – A 3-Month Journey to Health

Join Us For Bootcamp starting January 12, 2023 at Imperium Health Center in Littleton, Colorado!

Itʼs not just about the food, or the exercise, itʼs about a group of likeminded people, a community, who all want to be the BEST version of themselves.

A group of people who hold each other accountable and push each other to succeed.

Imperium Health Center offers a 90-day bootcamping community that is dedicated to helping you reach your healthy body goals. Our encouraging bootcamp advisors know exactly what to say to keep you stimulated and help you push for maximum gain. We work out 3 times a week in our clinic gym, the surrounding park, and our parking lot. There are no special machines or weights required for our workouts.

Our bootcamp exercise class lasts 30 minutes and includes a warm-up, the main session, and a cool-down period. Bootcamp exercises for beginners are adjusted to your level of fitness and ability.

Join us for bootcamp, a 3-month program where we meet 3 times a week to work out together. All fitness levels are welcome. Bootcamp isnʼt over after the last set is finished or when itʼs time to stretch, itʼs a lifestyle.

During bootcamp we will also have workshops on meal prepping, smart shopping, mindset, detoxification and much more to help you succeed!

Cost: $200 for New Boot Campers | $150 for Returning Boot Campers & Current Clients

To learn more and sign up, click HERE.

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