Metabolism Makeover Event

🌟Join us for our Metabolism Makeover at South Fellowship Connections Room to transform the way you THINK, MOVE and EAT! 🌟

Supporting a healthy metabolism is beyond weight loss; our metabolism encompasses all chemical processes that keep you alive, including breathing, digestion, immune function, and cellular growth and repair.
Our metabolism is how our bodies take carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals and turn them into energy or heat. Your digestive system breaks down these macronutrients into sugars and acids that your body uses as fuel. Your body can use this fuel immediately, or it can store the energy in your tissues, such as your liver, muscles, and body fat.

Join us for our Metabolism Makeover where you’ll learn how to:

🥑 Expose the flaws in the most popular diet trends and fads.
🥑 Reduce the body’s toxicity by naturally supporting your detoxification system.
🥑 Kickstart your health journey with essential metabolism-boosting nutrients.
🥑 Hold yourself accountable by implementing the 30-Day MaxLiving Challenge.

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