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We understand how helpless, disheartening, and debilitating it can be for one’s body to experience chronic pain or discomfort. Furthermore, it can become even more distressing when we feel like our current care options are failing us. In many cases, our lives often become burdened by our continuous search for proper health and wellness services.

Imperium Health Center Littleton has helped numerous families and people like yourself by identifying the root cause of your issues. Our holistic chiropractic center takes a comprehensive approach to care for you as a whole person – your body, mind, and spirit. Our team of professionals is committed to helping you heal, transform your health, improve your overall mindset, and live life to its fullest.

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We offer chiropractic services that focus mainly on spinal correction, but the services provided by our experienced doctors go far above and beyond. Our holistic health services include full-body adjustments, prenatal and postnatal services, nutrition consultations, Detox resources such as ionic foot baths, exercise regimens, Bootcamp/HIIT style workouts, lifestyle assessments, and community events/educational workshops.

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We are family chiropractors, pediatric chiropractors, and in some cases, emergency chiropractors. Our family-based wellness plans specialize in treating pregnant women, children, and athletes. We develop customized health plans based on scientific, natural, and holistic approaches that provide you with the resources, education, and knowledge to reach your personal wellness goals and maximize your well-being.

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★★★★★ 2022

Gordon S.Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Nathan saw me (1st visit) without an appointment, on a Saturday morning when I was at my wits end with incredible sciatica pain. His investigative approach to problem solving left me feeling convinced that the path he chose to remedy my problem was well thought out and customized for me. I left feeling much better and with an active exercise plan to continue improving.”

★★★★★ 2021

Josh B. – Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Nathan was informative and pleasant, he educated me as he worked on me and was very open about his journey into chiropractic medicine. Given today was my first experience with a chiropractor it put me at ease and built near-instant rapport. Despite having to drive over an hour to get there I’ll be returning for further treatment due to the atmosphere provided by Imperium Health. I felt relaxed, as though I was in the home of an old friend[,] not a medical office. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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Littleton, Colorado

Imperium Health Center Littleton provides holistic, family health, and wellness services for Littleton, Denver, & other local Colorado communities. Walk into our office or schedule your appointment today! 

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