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Why Detoxing Your Body is Important

Toxins exist all around us—they can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the things we touch, and our surrounding environments. Some of these toxins can be especially hazardous to our health, such as GMO-laden food which can harm organs, cause long-term inflammation, and pose other major health risks.

Full body detoxing is a fantastic way to assist your body in getting rid of toxins. Regular full body detoxification can help stimulate your immune system, remove harmful chemicals, and preserve long-term health. Many people associate detoxing with weight loss or skin care improvements, but we often recommend it for general well-being.

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Imperium Health Center Littleton continues to support individuals and families across Colorado by helping them boost their health, well-being, and holistic wellness.

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Safe, natural detox

Our detox program uses safe, natural methods to stimulate your body into eliminating toxins, especially within your liver and kidneys. These organs are essential in converting toxins into waste and purging them from your bloodstream.

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At Imperium Health Center Littleton, we take a comprehensive approach to health. Our programs encompass physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual elements to maximize your wellness.

Full Body Detox Benefits

A total body cleanse or full body detoxification can assist you with the following in regard to your health:

Improve your energy levels and sense of well-being, as purging excess waste helps your body cleanse, regulate, and strengthen its functionalities

Helps your body with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, since toxin buildup can slow down or even wreck your metabolism

Eliminates free radicals, reduces acne, rejuvenates your skin, and provides your body with a lighter, revitalized feeling

Reduces chronic inflammation, aching, pain, or other related discomforts in relation to excess toxin buildup

Purifies your blood of toxic metals and other harmful chemicals

Improves overall blood circulation within the body

What Comes Out of Your Body When You Detox?


Uric acid

Dead skin cells

Excess sebum

Industrial toxins and other harmful chemicals

Some of Our Detoxing Tools Include:

Ionic foot baths (ionic foot detox)

Natural detox supplements

Nutrition recommendations to help cleanse your system

Exercise (sweat detox or weight loss)

Lifestyle recommendations, with safe and natural ways to perform a full body detox

Education and more resources in regard to natural detoxification and holistic wellness

Client Reviews

Imperium Health Center Littleton


Anthony C.Google Business Reviews

“Imperium HC is absolutely amazing! They are incredibly thorough and dive much deeper into spinal health versus simply addressing specific discomforts that you may have coming in. I’ve already recommended them to friends and clients and will continue to do so. Outstanding care!”


Carol R.Google Business Reviews

“Awesome. I feel energized, healthy and so much younger. I’ve lost 13 lbs. and I feel GREAT!!! Thank you sooooo much for guiding me through this journey. I look forward to coming in all the time!”


Dacy M. R.Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable about the inner systems of the body and it makes working with her so eye-opening on how healthcare and wellness is a full-body journey. She’s kind, gentle, and practices what she encourages her patients to do. I highly recommend her!”

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Located in CO, Imperium Health Center Littleton provides services for numerous local communities around the Littleton and greater Denver Metropolitan area. Schedule your appointment today to begin your healing journey.

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