Nutritional Coaching to Live a Healthier Life

Why Nutrition is Important

For a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of us can acknowledge and relate to the difficulties of maintaining an ideal, healthy lifestyle well into adulthood. Busy work, school, and life schedules often lead us to make impromptu decisions—simply because those impromptu decisions are often the quickest, easiest choices. However, this culture of convenience easily develops a routine filled with unhealthy habits and lifestyle practices. Nutritional coaching can help you get on track.

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Nutrition Coaching

To Live a Healthier Life

Making long-term, impactful changes to your lifestyle can seem like a daunting and difficult task. Our coaching services at Imperium Health Littleton can help you set your goals, monitor your progress, maintain consistency, and educate you with the information you need.

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Colorado is One of the Healthiest States in the U.S.

Imperium Health Center Littleton contributes to our state’s healthy culture by preparing our patients with lifestyle habits meant to improve both the quantity and quality of their life. We offer nutritional coaching services and care plans that will help you embrace healthy daily habits and nurture the overall health of your body.

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With so many chronic diseases easily managed by lifestyle changes, you can take charge of your own health by becoming educated and making responsible life choices that will empower you to thrive.

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Our mindset plays an enormous role in our self-awareness and self-esteem. Sometimes the journey requires just as much mental stamina as it does physical self-control. Here at Imperium, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you begin improving your health today.

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Nutrition Helps Prevent Chronic Disease

Healthy lifestyle changes directly impact your physical well-being. More than 90 percent of the following diseases are preventable among US adults:

  • Type 2 Diabetes 90% 90%
  • CAD 80% 80%
  • Stroke 70% 70%
  • Colon Cancer 70% 70%

Nutrition Is Key

Practice a combination of the following combined with balanced, nutritious meals:

  • Maintain a body weight that aligns with your height, lifestyle, and recommendations from a professional health expert
  • Quitting or practicing nonsmoking
  • Moderate physical activity
  • A healthy diet and gut
  • Moderate alcohol consumption

*Willett W. C. Balancing Lifestyle and Genomics Research for Disease Prevention. Science. 2002;296:695–98.

What are the Benefits of a Nutrition Coach?

Some benefits of our professional nutrition coaching services include:

Improve gut health, bacteria, and the microbiome with a nutrition plan suited for you

Boost your immune system through nutritional education from certified professionals

Discover information, solutions, and tools that will help you make wise nutrition decisions in the long term

Receive advice on functional nutrition for chronic pain relief and/or inflammation flare-ups

Identify nutritional deficiencies that can potentially aid joint pain

Debunk any classic or current nutrition myths that can mislead you 

Nutrition Coaching Services Near Me

Littleton, Colorado

A certified, personal nutrition coach can assist with the following:

Classes & Workshops with Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Shop Healthy at the Grocery Store

Teach How to Read Food Labels
Explain the Differences Between Serving Sizes and Portion size
Progress Monitoring
Personalized Nutrition Supplements

Client Testimonials

Imperium Health Center Littleton

★★★★★ October 2021

Jennifer V.Google Business Reviews

“What an amazing place if you are looking for the complete package in healthcare. They have given me a whole new lease on life and a way of living healthy that is both easy and affordable. I have lost 27 pounds since July 2021 (currently October 2021) by simply following the recipes and meal plans that are so clearly marked out for me. Seriously, Dr. Lindsey even gave me a weekly grocery list to make all of the delicious food. Both Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Nate take an approach that makes you feel as though they are holding your hand and guiding you through every step. I cannot recommend Imperium more highly!! Check them out!!”

★★★★★ October 2021

Stacey L.Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Nate are so knowledgeable and are so great at explaining every step thoroughly to new patients like myself. They welcome you in and are excited and supportive through your journey of healing! I would highly recommend them to everyone!!”

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