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While sports injuries are common among professional athletes and casual exercisers alike, they are not the end of the road for your career, passion, or hobby. Most sports injuries are temporary setbacks and can be treated or healed. However, the healing process can look different for each client. Sports injury patients must tread carefully during their road to recovery, as incorrect healing can lead to permanent damage. It’s important to have the right resources, education, and guidance during your recovery process.

Athletic and Sports Injury Chiropractors

Get Custom and Personalized Care at Our Sports Injury Clinic In Littleton

At Imperium Health Center Littleton, we can help you heal the right way. Our experts take a holistic approach to health: in order to perform your best, you must take the necessary steps to care for your entire body rather than just your specific injury. Our specialized doctors can guide you through navigating the challenges of your sports injury. We take pride in helping you heal in the safest, fastest possible time so you can return to what you love doing.

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Littleton, Colorado

We specialize in the prevention, recovery, care, and maintenance of sports-related injuries.

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Our services are offered in-season, off-season, or whenever you need them. Our sports injury clinic includes the following services: chiropractic adjustment, personalized rehab and prehab, taping/bracing, education, and more.

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Imperium Health Center Littleton is more than just a wellness center or a sports injury clinic; we’re part of your healthcare team. We understand that every athlete is an individual and will require a customized treatment plan that works best for them.

Sports Injury Chiropractor Near Me

Littleton, Colorado

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The Most Common Sports Injuries

The following tables and statistics list the most common types of sports injuries in the US among individuals ages 25 to 40. As an example, the basketball bar graph showcases that ankle injuries account for an estimated 23% of all basketball-related injuries.

The Most Common Sports Injuries in Basketball

  • Ankles Injuries in Basketball 23% 23%
  • Knee Injuries in Basketball 14% 14%
  • Finger Injuries in Basketball 11% 11%

The Most Common Sports Injuries in Football

  • Knee Injuries in Football 14% 14%
  • Finger Injuries in Football 14% 14%
  • Shoulder Injuries in Football 13% 13%

The Most Common Sports Injuries in Soccer

  • Ankles Injuries in Soccer 15% 15%
  • Knee Injuries in Soccer 14% 14%
  • Facial Injuries in Soccer 10% 10%

The Most Common Sports Injuries in Baseball

  • Ankle Injuries in Baseball 12% 12%
  • Knee Injuries in Baseball 12% 12%
  • Facial Injuries in Baseball 13% 13%

Sports Injury Chiropractor Services

Dr. Nathan Younkin, the owner of Imperium Health Center Littleton, has a master’s degree in sports medicine and is one of the best doctors for sports injuries. His expertise crosses several sports fields, and he has treated athletes of various ages and backgrounds, including but not limited to ultimate frisbee players, rodeo riders, and even Olympic athletes from Team USA U19’s cricket team during the World Cup Qualifiers. Some of the more common sports or activity injuries Imperium Health Center treats include:

Foot/Ankle Injuries

Elbow Injuries

Knee Injuries

Wrist/Hand Injuries

Hip Injuries

Spine Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Head Injuries

Client Testimonials

Imperium Health Center Littleton


Gordon S.Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Nathan saw me (1st visit) without an appointment, on a Saturday morning when I was at my wits end with incredible sciatica pain. His investigative approach to problem solving left me feeling convinced that the path he chose to remedy my problem was well thought out and customized for me. I left feeling much better and with an active exercise plan to continue improving.”


L. WaltonGoogle Business Reviews

“Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Nate are exactly what I was looking for in Chiropractors. They are kind and knowledgeable and willing to take the time [to] listen and help, regardless of whether it’s an issue with your back, neck, or a cold. Our kids love going to get adjusted as well. So thankful we found them!”


Stacey L.Google Business Reviews

“Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Nate are so knowledgeable and are so great at explaining every step thoroughly to new patients like myself. They welcome you in and are excited and supportive through your journey of healing! I would highly recommend them to everyone!!”

Sports Injury Chiropractor Near Me

Littleton, Colorado

Based out of Littleton, Colorado, Imperium Health Center Littleton serves many of the local nearby communities, such as the Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Colorado Springs, and Denver areas. Our chiropractors ensure the best patient care for every sports injury, athlete, and individual in need of healing. 

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