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We Help You Heal the Right Way

Sports injuries are common among professional athletes and casual exercisers alike, but they are not the end of the road. The healing process is different for each client. To perform your best, you must take the necessary steps to ensure your entire body’s health, not just the specific injury. Each road to recovery needs to be traveled carefully as incorrect healing can cause permanent damage, so let our specialized doctors for sports injury guide you through this challenging time and get you back to what you love doing as fast and as safely as possible.

Sports Injuries/Athletes Chiropractic Services

We’re on Your Team

Imperium Health Center is more than just a wellness center or a sports injury clinic; we’re part of your team. We specialize in the prevention, recovery after an injury, and maintenance. Our services are offered in-season, off-season, or whenever you need them. Every athlete is an individual and will require customized treatment that works best for them. Our sports injury clinic in Littleton includes the following services: chiropractic adjustment, personalized rehab and prehab, taping/bracing, education, and more.

Some of the More Common Sports or Activity Injuries We Treat Are:


Dr. Nathan Younkin, the owner of IHC, has a master’s degree in sports medicine and has treated athletes of various ages. His expertise crosses several sports fields, and he has treated ultimate frisbee players, rodeo riders, and even the Olympic athlete’s Team USA U19’s cricket team during the World Cup Qualifier.