Whole Body Vibration Therapy In Littleton

Vibration Therapy Promotes Healing

Whole Body Vibration Therapy benefits the mind and the body. Imperium Health Center uses whole vibration therapy to stimulate the muscles and ligaments in your body, increasing blood circulation and promoting healing. As spinal corrective chiropractors, we need to normalize the spine’s position and solidify it after the adjustment. Vibration Therapy machines can mirror the body’s natural vibration and stimulate the nervous system along with the musculoskeletal system to set it to the correct position.

We also use Whole Body Vibration Therapy for fitness, rehab, and wellness.

Vibration Therapy at Imperium Health Center

What are the Common Ailments Whole Vibration can Treat?

Muscle Strength & Explosive Strength in Athletes
Balance & Coordination
Oxygen Intake

Common Questions About Whole Body Vibration Therapy


Is vibration good for back pain?
Vibration machines stimulate the muscles in the entire body, including the lower back. This stabilizes your muscles and strengthens them, which reduces back pain.

Do vibration plates increase bone density?
The NASA currently uses vibration therapy as a bone loss prevention therapy.

Are vibration machines good for osteoporosis?
Vibration therapy can be used to treat pain caused by osteoporosis by increasing muscle strength and neuromuscular coordination.

Does Whole body vibration help with weight loss?
Some studies show that using a vibration machine for at least 15 minutes a day can reduce body fat and increase blood flow.

We also use Vibration Therapy for fitness, rehab, and wellness.